Thursday, August 9, 2012

How do you come up with characters for erotic stories?

If you are a writer of erotic stories you may find yourself asking questions around the characters you would like to use.

I know, I've been there!

Will they be naughty enough?  Are they real enough?  It's an erotic story so they need to have sex quickly in the storyline but that's not realistic?  Do people really have sex like this? and more!

It's a tiring process and one that you should really try to avoid.  Because it will drive you mad and the key to writing is writing.

I am not, no not! saying you shouldn't outline your characters and really understand them but don't worry about the sex side.  Yes people do have sex and yes your readers want to read about sex.  It's what they are expecting in your books.

The point of fiction is that it is made up, imagined by you so you can do and say anything you want.

One of my best characters, Gill The Filthy Milf gets sex all the time. I mean if she was real she would be like a porn star.    And that series is one of my best selling.  So that tells you what people want right?


When you read about her you get just a little showing of her life. A window that you spy into.  I don't talk about all the other episodes of her life. The mundane.  Why? Because I write erotic fiction and that's what people are paying for.

Let your desires go wild and see what you get.


Bi Cuckold threesome - My Husband's Squash Partner (The Filthy Milf)

Oh oh oh!  I had a lot of fun writing this one!  And you know the funny thing?  It obviously shows because this is one of, no actually is my best selling books on Kindle. This is why I love being an Indie author.  Yes sometimes it's a hard slug to get your books to sell but when they do it is so much fun.

Enjoy!  I did writing it!  Download the book now by click the image.


The Filthy MILF Orgy with the neighbors

Hello my fellow erotic minded friends.

Here is my new story with The Filthy MILF.  This time Gill gets into a full on orgy with two other couples.  Pretty hot stuff!  Here is the first part for you.  If you like it you can check it out on Amazon for only $1.99.

The Filthy MILF - Orgy with the neighbors
By Rupert Wood

I love winter in England. Sure it means I can’t wear my bikini but the countryside looks amazing with snow on the ground and in the trees. The pubs all have roaring warm fires and a good pint in winter is just the best. The only problem is that people tend to stay in doors more. It’s way too cold to be out and about for longer than you really need. That means a social butterfly such as myself doesn’t get the attention she needs.
Bob’s company have lots of corporate parties and this year had been no different. I was really bored to say the very least. My paintings had been selling well and I had decided to focus on painting rather than selling for a while. I do love it but it can be really lonely in my studio all day. I picked up the phone and called my younger hot neighbor Claire. She and her husband Jake had moved in down the road about six months ago. The first week they were there I had sex with Claire. I had her over for wine and cheese and she fingered and licked my pussy to orgasm. Since then we have become great friends both in and out of the bedroom. Strangely I have not had the pleasure of Jake and she hasn’t had Bob either. I had to change that!
The phone rang a few times and then Claire picked up.
Hi Gill, what are you up to?” Her chirpy voice said.
Well, I am getting bored and wanted to know if you fancied some wine this afternoon?”
Yep what time?”
See you at yours?”
OK sounds good.”
I hung up the phone. Claire was always up for a glass of wine, I could count on her. Although she was about fifteen years younger than me we just really clicked. I think he helped that she was very cute and a total nymphomaniac. I mean, maybe even more than me. She has a tight little sporty body and dark eyes that you just melt into. Don’t even get going on her little Pilates toned ass.
I finished my painting and cleaned up the studio. Bob wouldn’t be home for a while so Claire and I could have a good chit chat. I showered and dressed and quickly chilled some wine . The door bell went and I opened it to find Claire standing there talking on the phone. She was arguing with Jake by the sounds of it. She smiled at me and stepped in. We kissed on the cheek and she walked right on passed me into the kitchen. I closed the door and followed. Claire spent the next five minutes waving her hands, pacing up and down the kitchen and taking big slurps of her wine that I kept topping up for her. I just sat there reading the latest Elle Decoration waiting for her to finish. I wasn’t really listening that much but Jake was going to have to be in Spain for the weekend for work. Sounded familiar to me. I regularly got calls from Bob like that. As I got older I understood that if I wanted the big house, nice cars and nice things I would have to put up with it. The funny thing was my paintings were now making a lot of money so Bob could probably retire in a few years.
Claire hung up and sat down next to me.
Sorry babe, I am just so annoyed right now. We were supposed to be going away this weekend and now he tells me he is going to Spain. Bloody company I’m sick of it.” She leant forward and pretty much drained the large glass I had poured her. That was three already.
Well I don’t mean to pry but that job Jake has allows you to have wine with me in the afternoon like this.”
Claire’s face flashed with rage for a second and then slowly it softened. She breathed out hard.
You are right. Damn, I should call him back shouldn’t I?”
Ok, I’ll be right back. Pour me another will you?” With that Claire skipped off in the lounge to call her husband back and apologize. I opened another bottle of chilled Pinot Grigio and found some kettle chips and hummus. After a few minutes Claire came back smiling.
You were right as always,” she said rolling her eyes. “How did you get to be so smart?” Claire raised her glass and I did the same.
Twenty years of marriage sweetie that’s how.”
Yeah well I am learning. Anyway, he says he will take a week off and we are going to the South of France so that’s a good trade off.”
Absolutely! I’ll drink to that.”
So what’s new with you and Bob? I haven’t seen you guys in ages. Did you sell that painting?”
I filled Claire in on our happenings and told her about how a very wealthy American had purchased my painting for the price advertised. He was a fat man with a lot of money and I liked him immediately.
We drank some more wine and before I knew it I was a little tipsy. Claire clearly was.
So have you met the new neighbors? The ones next to me?”
No! I saw the van but haven’t seen them yet. What are they like?” I topped up our glasses.
Claire smiled and I knew what it meant. “Well they are nice. I only spoke to them briefly but they are young. I mean maybe early thirties and attractive. Actually he is so so but really nice and has great eyes. She is super hot but knows it I think. She is a tall blonde. Fake tits I think.”
Nothing wrong with fake tits is there?” I said pushing mine out.
Not at all!” Claire laughed. “I get the feeling she is a little up her self if you know what I mean? Nice but stand offish. I think she knows she is hot and has an attitude about it.”
That’s never good in a young woman, very un unattractive.”
Well I got a moist talking to her I have to admit.” Claire’s cheeks blushed a little.
That’s because you are a dirty minx Claire Rogers.”
Claire took a large gulp of her wine and smiled at me.
Let’s have them over for dinner and seduce them. Fuck them both.”
You are not serious are you?” I couldn’t believe she was suggesting this. I had never met them.
Totally. I get the feeling they might be up for it. Besides I haven’t had any other pussy for a while.” She grinned at me and I got instantly wet.
Well that’s because you are my little pussy eater Claire. Ok so let’s have them over for dinner tomorrow night but I don’t think we should try anything until we know they are into swinging ok?”
Sure.” Claire said looking at me with sexy eyes.
I’ll go over later tonight and introduce myself and invite them.”
Sure.” Claire said hopping off her stool and walking over to me. Without another word she pulled up my summer dress past my soft toned thighs and ran her hands up them to my panties. She tugged and the wine had gone to my head so I straightened my legs to help. Within seconds she had them off and was kneeling with her face between my legs. I leant back as her soft lips kissed my inner thighs and ripples of pleasure went through me. Claire’s tongue circled around my clit and lips teasing me, showing me how good she was. She breathed on my hot pussy and then blew. Hot then cold. The sensations were blowing my mind and I am sure I was soaking wet. Then she plunged her tongue deep inside me circling it around, tasting me teasing me. I looked down and saw her looking up as she started to suck on my clit, taking the whole thing in her mouth. I gripped the bar stool to steady myself as Claire sucked, licked and tongue me. Her eyes never leaving mine as she brought me off to a toe curling orgasm. She lapped hard at my pussy getting as much of my juice as possible. Then when I was done she stood and kissed me long and hard sharing it with me. I was in girlie heaven. Claire pulled back with her wicked smile.
Where’s your phone?”
Over there.” Claire went and got my phone and stood next to me smiling. She took a picture and then started doing something.
What are you doing?”
Sending a picture to Bob for you. He will know what we have been up to.”
Oh you are a filthy bitch.”

Download the rest of the book here